Burnet CISD

Fritz Klabunde, Transportation Director for the Burnet C.I.S.D.

My name is Fritz Klabunde, the Transportation Director for the Burnet C.I.S.D.

We have 54 buses and we have roughly another 30/40 white fleet. Just on our bus routes alone we travel roughly 5 to 600,000 miles a year. Texas Fleet Fuel has helped us greatly in the area of efficiency and managing our fuel. They provide us a weekly report, I mean you got the vehicle number, you’ve got who fueled the vehicle, you’ve got the time they fueled it, you’ve got the gallons, you’ve got the miles per gallon, you’ve got the cost, I don’t know how it doesn’t get any easier than that. It’s a great opportunity to save money, also a way to identify where, you can gain more efficiency.

In the case of the district I was with previously we noticed the thousand gallon reduction every year. They have an electronic monitoring system and they watch that for us constantly, and I don’t have to order fuel. That’s one less thing I have to worry about. The opportunity for theft has been greatly reduced with this system. And one thing we will be able to show with these reports is how we are able to reroute the buses and show a real savings from the fuel stand point. It makes my job easier to report to the community that we are making us more efficient.

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