Hays County Sheriff’s Department

Gary Cutler, Sheriff of Hays County Texas

My Name is Gary Cutler, and I am the Sheriff of Hays County Texas. We have been using Texas Fleet Fuel since 2001. Our relationship is not good with Texas Fleet Fuel, it’s great. We are a 24/7 operation so we run a lot of fuel. We run a fleet of over a hundred vehicles. Here at the Hays County Sheriff’s Office we had a fuel tank. The tanks age through the years, so instead of the cost of replacing it we have removed the tank and the gas pumps and we strictly use the Fuelman Credit Cards across the County now, and it saves our officers from driving across the county wasting more fuel, when they have to service a unit, and this works great.

Their system, the credit card system, computerized system now days, allows us to really monitor closely. We know where we stand each month. I am a tax payer too, I don’t want my tax dollars wasted, and so with Texas Fleet Fuel we are more efficient by using them. So it’s a win win for the citizens win win for the tax payers, and a win win for us. Works real well.

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