Brown Distributing

Brad Card, Operations Manager, Brown Distributing

My name is Brad Card I am the operations manager for Brown Distributing, right here in Austin, TX. We’ve been working with Texas Fleet Fuel for approximately 15yrs. Brown distributing fleet consist of roughly 325 vehicles that includes trailers, tractors, small cars, pick-up trucks and vans. That’s 1.5 million dollars a year for fuel consumption.

The journey with beer takes start with the brewery in Houston the product is shipped down into our warehouse right now we are sitting on inventory roughly of 825 thousand cases accuracy is important to us and Texas Fleet Fuel provides that accuracy to us and makes fueling even better. We distribute beer that’s what we know, we need someone to help us take care of the delivering fueling process.

The single biggest benefit is the security at not having to track each employee ourselves. Theft is not a worry with Texas Fleet Fuel. I know exactly how many unleaded gallons we use, I know how many gallons of diesel we use, I know our miles per gallons weekly, I know exactly what our expense are. Texas Fleet Fuel charges us only for the product we use no addiction charges for our paperwork, monthly filing, billings it’s all at one price. Even if they did slap a fee on I wouldn’t pay it (laughs).

Texas Fleet Fuel without a doubt is a great partner for Brown Distributing Company. The service is spot on with something small that I need help on all I do is call up and someone really on the spot taking care of it. Absolutely a super partner for Brown Distributing.

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