Texas school district saves taxpayer’s money

Northside ISD, the largest school district in San Antonio and the 38th largest school district in the country, operates over 2000 vehicles and has 650 bus routes transporting 48,000 students per day. [Watch the Northside ISD video testimonial]

Three years later, and Northside ISD is saving money two-fold since changing over to Texas Fleet Fuel. “We’re buying much less fuel,” states Rafael Salazar, Transportation Director. “In fact, we saved over 200,000 gallons our first year with Texas Fleet Fuel and that’s 12% of our total annual fuel usage. This represents a huge savings to NISD and their fuel controls and reporting capabilities have made a world of difference for us. We are very pleased. The second best part of their program is that Texas Fleet Fuel did not cost us anything to implement, but has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in a very short time.”

Northside ISD, the 4th largest school district in Texas and the 33th largest school district in the country, operates a total of 1400 vehicles to include 800 buses transporting over 60,000 students per day. Pumping over 2.2 million gallons a year can create a huge headache in controlling cost and inventory, but NISD found the solution to managing fuel costs while saving taxpayer dollars. They found a Central Texas company, Texas Fleet Fuel, Ltd., to take over their fueling needs.

“Prior to Texas Fleet Fuel, we had too many unknowns concerning our fuel usage,” says Rafael Salazar. “We knew we had theft, didn’t know much fuel each department was consuming annually or how much to budget? We had card readers that had all kinds of problems and were easy to over-ride by employees. Our old system took a lot of time, manpower to maintain and generated mountains of paper reports that were very difficult to understand.”

“I knew that Texas Fleet Fuel is what we needed as they have a turn-key operation providing consignment fuel, consistent pricing and easy to read reporting. They installed equipment at each of our 8 locations to control our three fuels, unleaded, diesel and propane. In order to get fuel, the attendants must key in the bus #, their employee number and the odometer reading so we can receive a mpg reading each time the bus is fueled. This way, we are able to track usage both by vehicle and employee, preventing problems before they get started.”

“The best part is that Texas Fleet Fuel owns the inventory, not us. We only pay for fuel that is used and their price was less than what we were paying before. Now we know exactly who is buying fuel and there is no guesswork,” continues Salazar. “We saved time, labor, money and now everyone is happy since all departments can account for their fuel. Texas Fleet Fuel made the transition easy for us in 2008 and already after only 9 months, we’re experiencing savings and accountability.”

Would he recommend Texas Fleet Fuel to all other school districts? “Definitely yes,” says Salazar.

Texas Fleet Fuel, Ltd. provides fuel and fuel management programs to commercial and government fleets throughout the state, enabling fleet customers to save 15% or more on overall fuel expenses. Tracking vehicle, driver and transaction information both on and off site, the Texas Fleet Fuel Card provides fleet managers the necessary tools to cut waste and restrict unauthorized purchases. Texas Fleet Fuel Cards are accepted nationwide at over 48,000 Fuelman fuel and maintenance locations, providing quality control and convenience to the fleet operator. Customers include small, medium and large commercial businesses along with government and school entities.

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