Northside ISD

Rafael Salazar Jr , Northside Independent School District

At Northside Independent School District we use over 2,000,000 gallons per year and we have over 1,000 vehicles combined. Is it easy to put fuel in those buses? It is when you have a good plan, prior to Texas Fleet Fuel, it was a mess I couldn’t get reporting, I couldn’t actually tell you how much fuel was in the tanks, you didn’t sleep well because you didn’t know if the fuel was being stolen at night. I saw at one time that someone was in here at 3 o’ clock in the morning fueling, but it took me, close to 2 weeks to figure it out.

The reason our fueling is going down is better tracking and when we sign up with Texas Fleet Fuel we saved right off the bat about 20%. You are talking close to over $300,000 dollars easy, in year. When you have little control you can lose a lot of money. We used to have a person, she would spend close to 30 hours of week in just keeping up with the fuel, ordering the fuel, doing the paper work so now that person does her normal job. The managers might spend an hour per week just looking at the red flags if there is any disputes on the fuel at all.

The unique thing about our fleet is that we run 3 fuels, we have propane, diesel, and gasoline, and with Texas Fleet Fuel it’s all one package, the other companies couldn’t do it. They do fill our tanks up at all 7 stations. The employee will put in the bus number, the gallons and the pin number of the employee and that is how we track that vehicle.

I would recommend Texas Fleet Fuel (Laughs) I can sleep every night, cause I know where all the fuel is at in all 7 locations, Yes.

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