New Braunfels ISD

Brian Gibson, Director of Transportation, New Braunfels ISD

My name is Brian Gibson, I am the director of Transportation School Safety and Security for New Braunfels ISD. Texas Fleet Fuel has been with New Braunfels ISD, for several years we have had a great relationship. They are really the best in the business, and the reason why I am going to continue using them. For starters they not only just, fuel our tanks and keep, make sure we have fuel to keep running. But they also provide reports that allow me to see what our fueling is per unit, that is per vehicle, so we can all budget our units better, and also see if the vehicle is actually performing to the standards we want it to.

Doesn’t matter if it is a district or a business or even your own pocket book, fuel is money. I also have to answer to the citizens of my district, so it’s not just my money; it’s their money as well.

They offer a great service, and I am grateful for that, but they also offer their fueling at the best price. Which just makes my job even easier once again being able to use a company that not only do I like, but provides the best service, price wise as well.

The reports we receive from Texas Fleet Fuel ,are tremendous we couldn’t do without them. At least my job would be sitting all day counting numbers. Uh when you look at an hourly wage of paying someone to,or give you a report by unit by department, breaking that down on a weekly basis, that’s a full time job in itself.

The card readers are provided for free, the cards themselves are provided for free, and we’ve had service within 24 hours, someone coming out, fixing the problem, saving us thousands of dollars.

It’s not just a great business, but it’s the people and the interactions that they give, that let me know I am dealing with a quality company. They are the only fuel company I know, and I don’t plan on changing it so.

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