City of Killeen

Stu McLennan, Executive Director for Support Services for the City of Killeen.

Texas Fleet Fuel has met, or exceeded my expectations in every category. I am Stu McLennan, Executive Director for Support Services for the City of Killeen. I manage about 1200 vehicles we use a lot of fuel, probably over $2,000,000 a year and so achieving fuel efficiencies is one of the reasons we looked at Texas Fleet Fuel. Texas Fleet Fuel, I think if you were to sum it up, really does 3 things for us.

First it improves the accountability mechanisms for fuel management. We had an employee filling up a vehicle, with the wrong type of fuel, and we were able to catch that bring the vehicle back to the fleet facility, drain the fuel tank and save the engine, it showed the real time, ability for us to monitor fuel usage for every vehicle and every driver.

Second is it’s the cost savings the resource efficiencies that you achieve through the use of the Texas Fleet Fuel program from November 2013 to April 2014, the Texas Fleet Fuel program has saved the City of Killeen approximately $90,000. The savings that we have achieved today uh do outweigh the cost; it’s been a win win for us.

And the last one would be employee convenience, before we made the transition, every vehicle in the City, had to drive back to one central point to refuel, and it’s tremendously inefficient, with Texas Fleet Fuel they can go to any gas station basically in this area, and you can look at the staff, now we don’t have to have someone that’s dedicated to managing fuel inventories. Texas fleet Fuels Customers’ Service is a reason I am smiling, it is a great relationship it really has. It’s a professional relationship but there is a personal relationship embedded inside of that, it’s helped us to get our act together, if you will in a shorter amount of time and become much more efficient in what we are doing.

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