Roger Beasley Imports

Jerry Jorschick, Roger Beasley Imports

Texas Fleet Fuel’s services have been invaluable for us as a customer. I mean they do a lot, between the card service, between delivering fuel, monitoring the tanks.

They allow us to track usage, per each individual employee, which is nice. Definitely helps with theft, because you can limit it right down to each employee and their personal pin. So on our end that helps us monitor and maintain accurate records of our fuel, which is extremely important with the amount of fuel that we use. So when a vehicle comes in from Mazda the car comes shipped over and its delivered to us actually on empty and then we will fill it up with usually 5 gallons of gas for each car, and when the customer leaves, we fill up the car for them, and they leave a happy customer with a full tank of gas.

One of the great things about the Texas Fleet Fuel Service is their fuel card, that fuel card allows are individual employees to stop in at various fuel locations throughout the City to fuel up as well, and it prints it out on the reports that we get, and it works out perfectly. We can always find a site with the convenient app, there is an app on my Android phone, I just automatically GPS the locations, it’s perfect.
There is no better vendor we work with than Texas Fleet Fuel, they are 100% bar none our best vendor we have. I do mean that actually, that’s what I tell her all the time.

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