North East ISD

Nolan Anderson, Executive Director of North East ISD.

I was here, before the partnership with Texas Fleet Fuel, and I can honestly say I can see the difference.

In our old procedures was basically a manual operation, and naturally when you have a human element, you gonna have some problems keeping up with accurate figures. Texas Fleet Fuel, has enable us to modernize our operation, we can track the time, and date, the amount of fuel that was dispensed, instead of waiting a month later, under the old system we had that particular information right there in hand by the next day.

So our book keeping and office procedures definitely were enhanced. We have seen a significant savings in our fuel cost; it has helped us to reallocate those funds to help us in other areas. We get first class service; they take care of business the first time around. That is a big relief for us because; we cannot afford to have the fueling down at any time. And one thing for sure you will have somebody to answer the phone, instead of an answering machine. And we like that customer service. So does that mean we will have a further discount next year? ( Laughs)

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