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Why are clients choosing Texas Fleet Fuel?  Better fuel management means savings!

Securing Your Fleet Fuel Expenses with Texas Fleet Fuel
See how our fuel cards and custom reporting can prevent theft and help your business start managing all fuel expenses from day one. [See the Video]

Saving Money for your School District
An example of how Texas Fleet Fuels can save you time and money. Easy, accurate, and detailed custom reports are the key to your district’s success. [See the Video]

Customer Story: Aggregate Haulers
What is unique about our Fleet is we are a construction material delivery business. We deliver approximately 600 loads of product per day. Texas Fleet Fuel has saved us countless of dollars, hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Because of their efficiently and versatility with the card, the control mechanisms, from any theft occurring or happening the 24 hour 7 days a week monitoring, all those efficiencies help us to run our business in a professional manner, in an efficient manner also a cost savings manner we can control our cost , and meet our expectations our budget. [See the Video]

Customer Story:  City of Killeen
Texas Fleet Fuel has met, or exceeded my expectations in every category. I am Stu McLennan, Executive Director for Support Services for the City of Killeen. I manage about 1200 vehicles we use a lot of fuel, probably over $2,000,000 a year and so achieving fuel efficiencies is one of the reasons we looked at Texas Fleet Fuel. [See the Video]

Customer Story:  Hays Country Sheriff’s Department
Their system, the credit card system, computerized system now days, allows us to really monitor closely. We know where we stand each month. I am a tax payer too, I don’t want my tax dollars wasted, and so with Texas Fleet Fuel we are more efficient by using them. So it’s a win win for the citizens win win for the tax payers, and a win win for us. Works real well. [See the Video]

Customer Story:  New Braunfels ISD
Doesn’t matter if it is a district or a business or even your own pocket book, fuel is money. I also have to answer to the citizens of my district, so it’s not just my money; it’s their money as well. [See the Video]

Customer Story:  North East ISD
In our old procedures was basically a manual operation, and naturally when you have a human element, you gonna have some problems keeping up with accurate figures. Texas Fleet Fuel, has enable us to modernize our operation, we can track the time, and date, the amount of fuel that was dispensed, instead of waiting a month later, under the old system we had that particular information right there in hand by the next day. [See the Video]

Customer Story:  Roger Beasley Imports
One of the great things about the Texas Fleet Fuel Service is their fuel card, that fuel card allows are individual employees to stop in at various fuel locations throughout the City to fuel up as well, and it prints it out on the reports that we get, and it works out perfectly. [See the Video]

Customer Story:  Northside ISD
At Northside Independent School District we use over 2,000,000 gallons per year and we have over 1,000 vehicles combined. Is it easy to put fuel in those buses? It is when you have a good plan, prior to Texas Fleet Fuel, it was a mess I couldn’t get reporting, I couldn’t actually tell you how much fuel was in the tanks, you didn’t sleep well because you didn’t know if the fuel was being stolen at night. I saw at one time that someone was in here at 3 o’ clock in the morning fueling, but it took me, close to 2 weeks to figure it out. [See the Video]

Customer Story:  Burnet CISD
We have 54 buses and we have roughly another 30/40 white fleet. Uh just on our bus routes alone we travel roughly 5 to 600,000 miles a year. Texas Fleet Fuel has helped us greatly in the area of efficiency and managing our fuel. They provide us a weekly report, I mean you got the vehicle number, you’ve got who fueled the vehicle, you’ve got the time they fueled it, you’ve got the gallons, you’ve got the miles per gallon, you’ve got the cost, I don’t know how it doesn’t get any easier than that. It’s a great opportunity to save money, also a way to identify where, you can gain more efficiency. [See the Video]

Customer Story:  Brown Distributing
The single biggest benefit is the security at not having to track each employee ourselves. Theft is not a worry with Texas Fleet Fuel. I know exactly how many unleaded gallons we use, I know how many gallons of diesel we use, I know our miles per gallons weekly, I know exactly what our expense are. Texas Fleet Fuel charges us only for the product we use no addiction charges for our paperwork, monthly filing, billings it’s all at one price. [See the Video]



Located in a very compact, but densely populated urban area of San Antonio, North East Independent School District has many unique challenges providing school transportation to their 63,000 students.

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nisdNorthside ISD, the largest school district in San Antonio and the 38th largest school district in the country, operates over 2000 vehicles and has 650 bus routes transporting 48,000 students per day.

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