North East ISD Solves Budget Problem with Texas Fleet Fuel

Located in a very compact, but densely populated urban area of San Antonio, North East Independent School District has many unique challenges providing school transportation to their 63,000 students.


Pictured from left to right: Earl Stewart, Fleet Foreman; Chris O’Connor, Director of Transportation and Nolan H. Anderson, Executive Director of Transportation for North East Independent School District.

“Traffic congestion is a major issue for NEISD as we are sandwiched between five major highways, an international airport and the Union Pacific Railway. Being landlocked, adding or expanding facilities is extremely expensive for the district so cutting costs are a priority for all of us”, relates Nolan Anderson, Executive Director of Transportation. “We’re always looking for ways to modernize operations and streamline the budget.”

A cost saving opportunity appeared in the summer of 2009, when the 25 year old fuel control terminal at NEISD’s main fuel facility became inoperable. “We were leasing the equipment and it had served its purpose,” explains Anderson, “but the $20,000 replacement cost for an updated system was not in the budget.”

That’s when NEISD turned to Texas Fleet Fuel, a local fleet fuel provider, for a solution to their budget dilemma. Earl Stewart, Fleet Foreman for NEISD, was already familiar with the company as he had previously issued Texas Fleet Fuel cards for bus field trips and thus eliminated the need for additional credit cards. “We’ve received a lot of positive comments from coaches using these field trip cards,” says Stewart, “and it works smooth as can be”.

“Prior to Texas Fleet Fuel, we had many credit cards for field trips and we’d get several invoices each month that had to be paid and reconciled, each with a different purchase order number”, Stewart states. “Our staff hated all these statements and now everything is much easier because we receive one invoice that needs one purchase order. We’ve eliminated several purchase orders each month which can cost the district as much as $125 per P.O.”

“When the main fuel control terminal crashed, Texas Fleet Fuel stepped up to the plate and saved us $20,000 by replacing our old fuel control terminal with a new updated system without any front end impact to NEISD”, states Chris O’Connor, Transportation Director for NEISD, “and they even provide the fuel cards and sleeves at no cost where we formerly paid $1.50 per card.”

“Being on the state contract, Texas Fleet Fuel was able to provide us the fuel control terminal and fuel without any additional charges and they provided fuel at the same price as on the City of San Antonio contract”, continues O’Connor. “What’s so attractive about the whole deal is that we pay for the fuel after it is consumed. Previously, we were paying for tanker loads three times a week.”

“Texas Fleet Fuel keeps up with the inventory, so there are no manual logs or fuel missing and the usage reports are fantastic,” says Stewart.

According to both O’Connor and Stewart, the transition to Texas Fleet Fuel at their Central Fuel Facility went very well. “Anyone who gets fuel with a credit card can use this system, it’s that simple and the equipment is fantastic,” says Stewart. “The keypad is holding up well and there are no problems.

“The Customer Service is really good, says Stewart, as someone always answers the phone and you don’t go into voice mail.” Anderson adds “on a scale of 1 to 10, Texas Fleet Fuel gets an 11”

Anderson states that the Texas Fleet Fuel application with fuel control terminal will be the role model for the new fueling facility being built on Hwy 281 slated for operation in the fall of 2010. We will house 170 buses at this location which should reduce our dead head mileage substantially and finding this location is the culmination of several years work.

Both Anderson and Stewart were asked if they would recommend Texas Fleet Fuel to others and their unanimous response was “we already have”.

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